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We collaborate with Guardian Consulting to provide you with top-tier protection. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the finest security personnel, we deliver unparalleled security services in the industry


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Two security guards are seated in front of multiple computer monitors displaying surveillance footage. The male guard, with gray hair and a beard, is eating a sandwich while attentively watching the screens. The female guard, wearing a security uniform, is pouring coffee from a pot into a mug. The room is dimly lit with a blue glow from the monitors, creating a focused and professional atmosphere.

Technology and Physical Security Services

At Your Expert Tech Inc , we are revolutionizing security solutions in the heart of New York City. By partnering with Guardian Security, a premier physical security guard company, we bring together cutting-edge technology and top-notch security personnel to offer unparalleled protection services in Midtown Manhattan.

With our joint expertise, we provide real-time monitoring, advanced surveillance systems, and a highly trained security presence to keep you and your assets safe. Trust Your Expert Tech Inc. and Guardian Security to create a secure environment in one of the busiest and most vibrant parts of the city.

Whether you require personal security, event security, or corporate security services, We prioritize your peace of mind, offering comprehensive security plans and cutting-edge technology to address any security challenges effectively.

Choose Your Expert Tech Inc for a secure and worry-free environment. Your safety is our mission.

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Security Guard Services

Technical Support Services for your systems

Special Events

Security for your workstations and servers

Virtual Security Director Pilot Program

Business Marketing for your orgnazation

Personal Security Protection

Technical Support Services for your systems

Fire Safety Directors

Security for your workstations and servers

Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

Business Marketing for your orgnazation
A young woman is working in a broadcast control room, seated at a desk with multiple computer monitors and control panels in front of her. The screens display various live feeds and broadcast content. She is focused and operating the controls, wearing a black shirt. The room is filled with high-tech equipment and has a professional, organized atmosphere, highlighting her role in managing and monitoring the broadcast operations.


Remote Management

We remotely monitor our security staff to ensure quality control. Managing our staff is our responsibility, not yours. If a security supervisor is not within your budget, we offer a solution. We can remotely monitor your security control room, allowing us to keep an eye on what’s important.

Workflow Management

For security personnel, we use Guard Force Management software to manage logs, patrols, and reports. For security leads, we utilize workflow management software to handle work processes and projects. This approach allows us to be more flexible and, with the help of software, we maximize efficiency.

Systems Architecture, and Management

Our team deploys and manages a wide range of security Systems. We build and create
  • Panic Alarm Systems 
  • CCTV Systems 
  • Lost and found systems 
  • Package tracking 
  • Asset Management
  • Guard tour Systems 
  •  And more!

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