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Get a free assessment today !

Security Service

Real-time Security and Monitoring

We monitor your workstations. We keep the viruses out, and we keep your security up to date

Security Services

According to an article from dataprot.com Ransomware attacks occur every 2 seconds. It may not seem likely that this can happen to you, and it might not. The question is are you willing to take the risk? There are free antivirus solutions out there but for a business, it does not provide enough protection. Huge corporations have the resources to have security personal monitor there network. With this service everyone can get that level of security. 

Introducing Your Expert Tech Security Advantage


How we protect you?

We monitor each system in real-time. If there is a problem we will receive a notification, and we will fix the problem.

Security Updates

It is important for your system to stay up to date. We will make sure all your updates are downloaded, and installed. 

USB Protection

Our software locks down your USB ports so no one will be able to use them but you. 


Your privacy is your right! You should feel comfortable knowing that you are not being tracked, and we will make sure you have it. 

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