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Things to consider when choosing an SEO Agency for your business

The main goal of a marketer is to help. Usually this is done by the client making a request for services, and the marketer provides the service. If the marketer does well then they might have a long term situation that may be mutually beneficial. But at anytime for any reason the marketer cant do the job anymore then what? Of course you could find another marketer, but wouldn’t it be better if you just learned this for your self? Just imagine typing in a term like SEO services near me and your information comes up first on the search engine results. 
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Learn the basic concepts of SEO, and how it can help your business

Infographic showing 3 facts about SEO that will help website rankings


As a business owner, one of the most important business decisions you can make is choosing the best SEO agency. When i started my business, i didn’t think it was worth it. The cost was unbelievable. I never considered the possibility that i could do it for free. The truth is if you are paying for SEO, you are most likely doing it wrong. Using black hat tactics like buying backlinks can only get you so far. The question you need to ask yourself is, what direction do i need to go in that will put me in the best possible position for the future. 

I believe the best way to move forward is to work with an SEO consultant who will teach you how to do it yourself.  Whether you are going to do the work yourself or hire someone to do it for you, it is best that you learn for yourself so you can have an idea of what is going on.

Creating content is very important. You will need a content manager so you can create content for your website if you are not a content creator. There are websites like that you can use to create content easily. Canva has a free version if you want to try it out.


The below infographic shows the most common reasons new business owners have issues with SEO. 

infographic shows the most common reasons new business owners have issues with SEO

There is a lot to learn in the beginning. Below is a roadmap that may help you get started. 

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Google favors three ranking signals. Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness


Expertise means to have a high level of knowledge or skill in a particular field. It’s evaluated primarily at the content-level, not at the website or organizational level. Google is looking for content created by a subject matter expert.


Authority is about reputation, particularly among other experts and influencers in the industry. Quite simply, when others see an individual or website as the go-to source of information about a topic, that’s authority.


Trust is about the legitimacy, transparency, and accuracy of the website and its content.

Google, like every other search engine, wants to be the best source of information on the web. That is why it is impotent when someone does a search. The best high-quality information should come up first. Duplicate content is not favored by Google. You should not copy, and paste information from other websites, even if it is just a small paragraph
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This factor is a lot more simple then it sounds. Forget all the technical terms. Ask yourself two questions. Of all the people that will read my blog, will they learn something new? Is the information that i am putting out there useful? Try to change your mindset. Instead of thinking about profit and business, try to focus on being helpful. It is a lot more simple then it seems. If you get paid to do what you do, then you are an expert. Consider your strong points and write about that. The good thing is you will learn a lot more when you do things this way. The more details you go into, the better. Don’t focus too much energy on the time it takes to complete a blog or an article. It should take you about a week to complete one. Include as many details as possible. Create your content in a way that a beginner can understand.

I remember i was talking to a co-worker, and i was giving him information about a trade school. 20 minutes into the conversation, the subject switched to business marketing, and before you know it, he was telling me about his girlfriend who owns a business, and she was looking for a web designer. Did the conversation make it to that point because i am a good salesman? The answer is no. i gained his trust because i genuinely wanted to help him get ahead. He sensed that i was indeed trying to help, so he trusted me to work with the ones he love. 

That is the power of trust. 

Over time while posting quality data you will progress within the search engine. A good way to track this is to monitor your domain authority.
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Domain authority is a score based system developed by Moz. It is used to predict how likely it is that your website will rank in search engines. It is calculated on a scale from 1-100. the higher the number the more likely you are going to rank high in the search engines. Below is a graph that explains the scouring system with the Google search engine.

Infographic explaining domain authority scores
In the beginning, your score will not be so high. You should take steps towards getting a better score. One of the benefits of this, for example, when potential clients type in a term like SEO Services near me you will be found if that’s the type of business you are in. If you There are easy steps that you could take. The challenge is time. Below is an infographic that explains some of the steps that you can take to achieve this. 

Infographic explaining what to do to increse your domain authority
Thank you for reading our article. It may sound like a lot but over time you will improve. for more information about digital marketing please check out our blog. We are located in the New York area.