Get a free assessment today !

Get a free assessment today !


This is a computer monitoring service. We monitor your computer’s health. If there is an issue with your computer we can fix it for you. If you are having issues with your computer we can remotely log into your computer and fix it. We charge a monthly fee of $25 monthly per device. This service is good for anyone that is looking for an affordable computer monitoring service for their device. This service comes with a subscription to Bitdefender for no additional charge. The first month of service is free. There will be no credit card is required.

With this service, you get a discount on our computer repair service. If the service you need can not be fixed remotely there will be a fee to have a technician come out to your residence or business. You do not pay anything for Issues that can be fixed remotely. You don’t pay anything. If a technician has to come to you there will be a service charge of $75 to come out to you. The basic service charge for a computer repair service without a computer monitoring subscription costs $155.00

There will be a charge of $25 an hour after the first 4 hours. If you do not have a subscription there will be a 25 per hour service charge after the 1st 2 hours

The cost for all services does not include the cost of parts. If we determine a part on your device needs to be replaced, we will send you a quote for the cost of the part, and we will conduct repairs pending your approval.